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Dutch presents

It is really great fun to give a loved one a gift that will make them truly happy! How much happiness can you feel from giving someone something nice, right? That is why every year we wonder what to give to our loved ones. Should I make a gift myself or it is better to buy a present… what for mum, what for grandfather? And for your cousin? If you are currently working in the Netherlands and looking for gift ideas, we have some inspiration for you. Certainly, these things will make the recipient happy and will put a smile on their faces!

A sweet gift

Stroopwafels, caramel cakes, are a must have when shopping in the Netherlands. You can eat them just like that, but you can also melt the caramel over a hot drink… Most people’s taste buds love stroopwafels! It’s best not to buy them in a supermarket, because those in plastic foil are neither particularly tasty nor effective. You can buy stroopwafels in an elegant tin, decorated with Dutch patterns. After the pleasure of eating is finished, the tin can be used in the kitchen.

Socks and sabots

Who did not get Christmas socks at least once? They are a very popular and practical gift, although they do not always meet with an enthusiastic reception… However, socks from the Netherlands can be a really nice gift idea! They are very richly decorated and colorful. They can be gifted along with the traditional clogs that the country is famous for. However, if you find that wooden shoes are impractical, then in souvenir shops you will find clogs in a… plush version!

Flowers for a gift

The Netherlands is a country of flowers, especially tulips. You can give your loved ones their bulbs. However, before you buy them, make sure that they are of good quality. Check that you can not see (or feel) mold on them, make sure they are healthy. Such a gift will be even double enjoyable, once when you receive it, and then when the flowers grow from the bulbs. Especially if your loved one is an enthusiastic gardener! If you do not want to buy bulbs, you can buy wooden, decorative tulips that look really cool and will please the recipient’s eyes for a long time.


The cheeses in the Netherlands are excellent, especially those bought at the cheese market. If you live near Gouda or Edam, you can’t choose a better gift than the original local cheese. If you are far from these cities, don’t worry. Surely there is a cheese shop somewhere in your area where you can buy some specials.

Licorice and alcohol

It may not be a particularly good combination, but the licorice candy can help you recover quickly after tasting your spirits too much. Licorice sweets are popular in the Netherlands, but also have fans abroad. And alcohol in the Netherlands is also tasty – local beer or Gin Jenever will be a good gift idea. Jenever is a traditional, thick gin with molasses and juniper. You will meet it under the names: Hollands, Genever, Peket or Genievre.

Did we help in choosing gifts? If so, we are very happy about it!

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