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Roosendaal 40 hours Logistics V-046176
Work for couples and friends without youth wage
Warehouse operator - Roosendaal - Roosendaal

Your new job

What is it you are going to do?

As a Warehouse Operator in Roosendaal, you will have the opportunity to work in the heart of the logistics sector. Your role is crucial in the order picking process and handling incoming orders. You will be responsible for collecting products, preparing shipments, and ensuring proper administrative processing. Additionally, you will use your driving skills and experience in a warehouse environment to work efficiently and accurately.


  • Processing incoming orders and order picking
  • Preparing shipments and packaging goods
  • Managing stock and inventory
  • Maintaining administration and processing data in the system
  • Working with hand scanners and other logistical tools

About the company

A short introduction

We are looking for diligent and reliable people to work in the warehouse for our client who deals with the distribution of clothing brands.

Do you know English well and want to work in the most modern warehouse in the clothing industry? Are you thinking of going to the Netherlands with your significant other, friend or family member? At Eurojob, we guarantee shared changes and accommodation in double rooms. Going to work can be a fun adventure, and you won't be lonely or stressed when you go as a couple! Do not wait, apply for this position - we have a good job for you and your relatives in the Netherlands!


Why is it worth it?

  • Attractive rate of €14.82/h, paid weekly (incl. holidays allowance)
  • No youth wage
  • Possibility to go to work with a partner
  • Transport to work in a company car
  • Accommodation close to the workplace

Attention! Eurojob doesn't provide work documents for non-EU residents. Also, if you have a passport from any non-European Union country but have a work permit in a European country except the Netherlands - we will also not be able to provide work for you

What we offer you

On top of personal contact
  • The contract was concluded on Dutch terms
  • Health insurance
  • Accommodation in accordance with the SNF certificate
  • Transport to work in a company car
  • Weekly payout system
  • Withdrawals transferred to the account
  • Gross rate €14.82/h (incl. holidays allowance)
  • No youth wage
  • Shift allowances in accordance with the CAO
  • Help in obtaining a BSN number
  • Possibility of working in a pair
  • You can start work almost immediately
  • Safe and legal employment with a minimum of formalities

What you have

And our non-negotiables
  • English at the communicative level (B1)
  • Ability to work in a group
  • Driving license is welcome
  • Willingness to work for longer periods is welcome

This is what we will do!

We will contact you  - icon
We will contact you

After your application, one of our recruiters will contact you. During this meeting we will discuss your wishes and the possibilities.

Intake  - icon

After your application, one of our recruiters will contact you. During this meeting we will discuss your wishes and the possibilities.

On your way to your new job  - icon
On your way to your new job

After a successful interview, you will receive all the details and our coordinator will do the intake at the client where you will start working.

Awesome, you are interested!

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