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Shift work for order pickers
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Your new job

What is it you are going to do?

You start your work as an order picker with two-day training. During this time, you will receive all the tips and guidelines so that you can perform your duties as effectively as possible. For your safety, you get safety shoes and a jacket from us because the temperature in the hall is +4 ˚C.

The warehouse is divided into several sections including dairy products, meat, and ready meals. Depending on the department you have different productivity at work which varies between 230-270 multi-packs/boxes per hour. You work in a two-shift system and you always receive your weekly plan well in advance so you can easily maintain a balance between work and your private life.

In the daily performance of your duties, you use the voice system (voice pick) with which you complete orders sent to the Plus store chain. One of the languages of the voice system is English. It is a great help in your work. In addition, you can use the EPT trolley, which allows you to collect orders faster. After completing the trolley with food products, you take it to the outbound department, where it is then prepared for further shipment to the store.

In addition to work, you also have time to rest. In the spacious and modern canteen, you can eat your lunch, drink delicious coffee or tea, and hang out with your colleagues from the shift.

About the company

A short introduction

For a company dealing in the distribution of vegetables and fruits, we are looking for people to work on collecting orders in the warehouse.

Are you looking for a secure job in the Netherlands? Are you interested in shift work? Do not wait, apply for this position - we have a good job for you in the Netherlands!

Why is it worth it?

  • Allowances for work at non-standard hours and on weekends
  • Attractive rate of €13.14/h, paid weekly
  • Work in 2 shifts
  • Business car

What we offer you

On top of personal contact
  • The contract was concluded on Dutch terms
  • Weekly payout - transferred to your account
  • Gross rate of €13.14/h
  • Extras in accordance with the Collective Labor Agreement
  • Work in 2 shifts - starting 4:00-5:00 or 16:00-20:00
  • Accommodation in accordance with the SNF certificate
  • Mileage refund (if traveling by own car from private accommodation)
  • Business car
  • Safe and legal employment with a minimum of formalities

What you have

And our non-negotiables
  • Basic English+ (A2/B1)
  • Driving license
  • Willingness to work for longer periods is welcome

This is what we will do!

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We will contact you

After your application, one of our recruiters will contact you. During this meeting we will discuss your wishes and the possibilities.

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After your application, one of our recruiters will contact you. During this meeting we will discuss your wishes and the possibilities.

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On your way to your new job

After a successful interview, you will receive all the details and our coordinator will do the intake at the client where you will start working.

Awesome, you are interested!

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