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3 places in the Netherlands you must visit in 2022

Going abroad and staying in one town where you work is a bit like not going anywhere at all. We know that it is sometimes difficult to come up with a trip plan or find inspiration for it, so we have prepared 3 suggestions for you on what is really worth seeing in the country of windmills. We hope that you will find our propositions interesting and that the real trip will not disappoint you! We tried to choose places that are less obvious, but still delightful.

1. Giethoorn – the Venice of the North

Giethoorn is perfect for a day trip. Certainly, while in the town, it is worth going on a boat trip along the beautiful, picturesque canals and enjoying a bicycle trip around the nearby villages, meadows and small, charming towns. There are no roads in the old part of Giethoorm, only canals and cycle routes. You can also admire the amazing Dutch architecture and take advantage of the many attractions that are in the area.

2. Zaanse Schans open-air museum

The open-air museum is located near Zaandam on the river Zaan. Windmills have been built on this river since 1600 – in its heyday there were over 1000! Today we can watch 10, one of which is still working and grinding ingredients for paints. Windmills are not only the greatest decoration but also a source of knowledge about technologies from the old days. In addition to having different functions, each of them has a name, for example: De Gekroonde Poelenburg – Crowned Poelenburg; Het Jonge Schaap – Young Sheep or Het Klaverblad – Clover Leaf.

The open-air museum offers not only a view of the windmills, but also picturesque streets, and among the historic buildings, there are educational classes devoted to old professions. The open-air museum can be visited on foot, by bike (there is a rental shop on the premises) or on a boat trip. Everyone will find something for themselves! This is one of the most popular attractions in the Netherlands, so it’s worth coming here early in the morning. We also recommend checking the restrictions related to the pandemic and the conditions in which you can stay in the open-air museum.

3. Frisian Islands

This is an option for nature lovers and peace seekers – here’s a good chance you’ll find what you’re looking for. Although the Frisian Islands are beautiful, they are not particularly trampled (i.e. touristic). Maybe because the weather here is rather windy and the sea is cool, you will not enjoy a drink with a palm tree, but the islands have an irresistible charm. You will observe many species of birds here, see more sheep than people, spend time on the charming coast, and in autumn you can walk among picturesque moors and peat bogs. It is a short trip, but you will feel as if you entered a completely different world in which there is less haste and stress.

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