Privacy statement

Eurojob is responsible for and respects the privacy of all its candidates, temporary workers, internal employees, client and supplier contact persons and website visitors. We ensure that your personal information is handled confidentially and safeguarded in accordance with our privacy policy so as to maintain the trust that you place in us.

In this privacy statement, we wish to explain what personal information we collect and record from you, at what time and for what purposes. We also clearly show you to whom we provide your data and who we allow to process it. In addition, we explain your rights and obligations and who you can contact about these. Please read it

This is who we are
Eurojob International Holding is part of Covebo Group and Covebo Group is part of the House of HR. Eurojob works hard every day on getting people to work. We deploy temporary workers, help ordinary workers to find work, recruit and select, and try every day to deliver the best service we can to our candidates, temporary
workers, our own staff and clients.

Eurojob International BV is located in Hoofddorp, Antareslaan 3, 2132 JE Nederland and registered in the Chamber of Commerce under number 34261307. Eurojob International Holding comprises the following companies: Eurojob, Eurojob Arbeidsplaats Bemiddeling, Housing & Transport Facilities en Eurojob Top Teams for Top Jobs.

We do this
We collect and process personal data that is necessary for providing our services. You may provide this voluntarily but there is some data that we are a contractual and/or legally obliged to collect and process. We use this data to improve our service, to ensure that our service matches your wishes and expectations and in order to fulfil
the expectations or obligations that we have in relation to our clients, suppliers or other third parties.

What data do we collect from candidates, temporary workers and internal employees.
When you come to us, we begin to collect your data almost immediately. This may be because you visit our website, register yourself, contact one of our branches or even make a personal visit to a branch. We may also find you on a public website where you have placed your data and this leads us to think you could be interested in one of
our services.

Website visit
When you visit one of our websites, we will immediately start to process data from you. We process your IP address, location and register your website visit and the route you follow. We do this to optimise and improve our website and its use. Then we can more closely match your needs and make the website easier to use. We do
not process any personal information here. For more information, see the cookie policy.

You can register with us in various ways. This can happen via one of our websites, or on the telephone or at our office. You can register directly on the following websites:

In addition to our own websites, we also place vacancies on job sites. If you respond to one of our vacancies, then we will also process your data.

If you register with us, we ask you for permission to process your data. If you apply
directly for a vacancy, we do not require your permission to process your data for the application procedure in question. We will process these data based on a (pre)contractual obligation with you in this case.

In connection with registration, we process the following data:
• Name and address data;
• contact details, such as email address and phone number;
• date of birth, age and gender;
• work experience and curriculum vitae (CV);
• photos and/or videos;
• education, internships and courses;
• evaluation forms and results of any tests or assessments;
• data about your availability;
• data about your mobility, such as availability of own transport and what driving qualifications you have;
• other data that gives added value for assessing which job or business best suits you.

We will use these data for the following purposes:
• to assess whether you are a suitable candidate for an open vacancy within our organisation or at one of our clients;
• to proactively introduce you to one of our clients or businesses where you might be of added value and/or could fit in as regards competencies and availability;
• To contact you and/or keep in touch with you;
• To create a digital file;
• To conduct a potential pre-employment screening.
• inform you about our services or HR-related matters that might be of interest to you. This could be newsletters, mailings about vacancies or information relating to work. For this, we need your explicit permission which you can find on the portal (opt-in);

We will keep your data for no more than two years after your registration. Your personal data will be anonymized after two years, unless you have given new permission or have worked or are working for us.

Working for us
As soon as you are going to work for us or do actually work for us, we will process the following data. We will process these data to be able to conclude an employment contract with you.
• additional personal data such as nationality, BSN (Citizen Service Number), proof of identity and, if necessary, a work permit;
• data for carrying out salary administration correctly;
• payment data;
• other matters such as recording holidays and absence;
• other data that is important for personnel administration or HR-related matters such as emergency numbers, marital status, family composition for pension purposes;
• if it is necessary for the function and or business where you go to work, special personal data can also be processed, such as a certificate of good behaviour or medical report. If this is the case, we will inform you accordingly.

We will use these data for the following purposes:
• to fulfil our obligations related to the implementation of an employment contract concluded with you;
• to properly carry out salary administration such as processing your payslip, arranging your salary payment, as well making payments to the tax authorities, pension funds and others;
• to maintain contact with you about your availability, scheduling and offering work, or about other matters related to work;
• to process the use of lease vehicles and any reimbursement of fuel costs or the reimbursement of travelling costs and the handling of any traffic fines;
• to carry out and process assessment and performance appraisals and look for development and training options associated with these;
• to provide relevant insurances including such items as absenteeism, public liability and accident insurances.
• to make you offers that could benefit you, such as those with companies where we have made collective agreements and you could profit from these agreements;
• to carry out surveys about satisfaction and/or services of our organisation.
• to properly support you during absence and possibly assist with re-integration  and following up on that.
• invite you to meetings, events and similar occasions, or social gatherings;

Originating from abroad
If you originate from abroad and come to work for us, then in addition to the above we can offer supplementary services where we process your data. In this case we process data to:
• organise your journey to the Netherlands;
• to provide you with good accommodation in the Netherlands;
• to inform you about culture in the Netherlands and associated law and regulations;
• to offer and provide insurances to you, including registrations and cancellations, and payment of obligatory deductions such as for health, liability and accident insurances;
• to provide you with transport facilities for travelling from your residential address in the Netherlands to your place of work;

End of employment relationship
At the moment your employment relationship ends, we will have the statutory obligation to keep your data for 7 years. Your data will be anonymised after this period.

Which data about clients, suppliers, or other professional partners do we process?
If you are our contact person for, clients, suppliers or other business relationships, then we process the following data from you:
• name;
• contact details, such as email and/or telephone number (preferably business data);
• business information such as Chamber of Commerce registration, VAT number, payment data and other data which is important for performance of the agreement.

We will use these data for the following purposes:
• to fulfil our obligations related to the implementation of an contract concluded with you;
• to match you with a candidate search for an open vacancy (matching) that could fit your expectations, requirements and competencies;
• This may constitute newsletters, mailings with available job profiles, or information related to work. We require your explicit permission for this.

End of collaboration with us
At the moment on which the collaboration with us ends, we will keep your data for two years for after-care and the handling of contractual obligations, unless we have a statutory obligation to keep your data for a longer period.

To whom do we provide your data
We handle your data carefully and confidentially. To be able to offer you our services, your data is made accessible to our employees. We can assure you that access to your data is available only to those employees who need it for their work and for providing our services to you or fulfilling an agreement.

When providing data about you to third parties, we will limit this to the minimum possible or to the statutory requirement.

In negotiating work for you, we will share your data with relevant clients and/or companies where we think you could be of added value.

If you are employed in our organisation or on assignment from us at one of our clients, we have statutory obligations with regard to complying with the agreement and carrying out salary administration. We will therefore supply your data to the following organisations or public bodies: tax authorities, pension funds, our software
partners and, if applicable, creditors.

During the management of absence, an occupational health service may be engaged and, if applicable, also an occupational health doctor. The statutory obligation for follow-up and guidance means that we will provide any of your data that is relevant for this to happen. If necessary, we will also send your data to the UWV (Employee
Insurance Agency), for example when you cease employment during absence.

To fulfil our obligations as an organisation and monitor and guarantee the quality of our organisation, we regularly have inspections carried out by accredited auditors and accountants. For the benefit of these inspections, your data will be provided but only for the purpose of ensuring our quality and maintaining our business operations
at a high level.

If you originate from abroad and we offer and supply other services to you, then we will also supply your data to third parties. This only applies to those services that we additionally offer you and for which you give us your explicit permission. Examples are the provision of accommodation, insurances and transport facilities.

For personal development in the form of personal guidance, courses and/or training, we will supply your data to training providers and companies that work on your development and training on our behalf.

Your personal data will be processed in the Netherlands or another country in the European Union (EU). Transfer outside of the EU will be restricted as much as possible. If this does happen, this will only take place to countries with a similar level of security as the EU.

Finally, it can happen, though rarely, that we have to release your data. This could be due to a legal order or to comply with some other compelling statutory or regulatory requirement. We will do our best to inform you about this in time, unless we are not allowed to do that for legal reasons.

Security and confidentiality
Your data will not be used for any other purposes than those indicated in this privacy statement. We have developed security measures that have been implemented at both organisational and technical level to prevent the destruction, loss, forgery, modification, unauthorised access or disclosure to third parties of your personal data.
In no event, can Covebo be held liable for the processing of your personal data by a third party. If we pass your data to a third party, then we will ensure that they are bound to the same rules as us.

What are your rights
In connection with the processing of personal data, you have certain rights as a person.

Right to inspection and correction

You may inspect and, if necessary, correct your data at any time. You can inspect and also change most data via your portal.

Rectification, erasure and restriction
You are completely free to share as much as you wish. In addition, you also have the right to not provide certain data, or to request that we rectify, supplement or erase your data. If you want your data to be erased, that will affect the services that we can provide for you. Some services might be lost as a result. Additionally, a request for
erasure is only possible if we have no legal obligation to retain this data. We can of course restrict access to your data for our employees and third parties.

Right of objection
You can always request us to not process your data in connection with a serious and legitimate reason. Depending on whether there is a legal basis for the processing, we will assess your objection and carry it out whenever possible. If you wish to object about direct marketing, you do not need a reason for this and can do so at any time.

Right of data transfer
You have the right to receive the personal data that we have processed for you in a structured, conventional and machine-readable form and/or then to transfer it to another controller.

Right of withdrawal of approval
You can withdraw all the processing that has been done on the basis of your previously given permission at any time. Be aware that in some cases this may affect the services that we can offer you. If you revoke your permission, this will not affect the legitimacy of the processing of your data before you revoked your permission.

Dissatisfied with the manner in which we handle your personal data

Please let us know if you are dissatisfied with the manner in which we handle your data. If we fail to reach a solution together, you can file a complaint with our national supervisor, the Dutch Data Protection Authority, using the following link:

Automated decision-making
We do not make any decisions based on automated processing operations with (significant) consequences for you. These are decisions taken by computer programs or systems without the involvement of a person (such as a Covebo employee).

Changes to the Privacy Statement
We reserve the right to make changes to this privacy statement. Our website hosts the current version. If important changes are made to this privacy statement, we will clearly state this on our website and inform our employees through the portal. We recommend you keep an eye on our website and to regularly check the privacy
statement to remain aware of any changes.

Contact details
For questions, remarks and/or complaints about the privacy statement or the exercising of one of your rights, you can always contact us. You can, of course, get in touch with your contact person in the business. In addition, you can contact us via email: or by post: Ambachtsstraat 13, 3861RH Nijkerk
referencing Privacy Statement.

Covebo Group
The group consists of multiple businesses, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

• Covebo Group B.V.
• Covebo Uitzendgroep B.V.
• Eurojob International Holding B.V.

Dutch temporary employment agencies
• Covebo Productie en Logistiek B.V.
• Covebo Techniek B.V.
• Covebo Bouw B.V.
• Covebo Zorg B.V.
• Effect Uitzendbureau B.V.
• V-NOM Project- & Interimmanagement B.V.
• Eurojob B.V.
• Eurojob Arbeidsplaats Bemiddeling B.V.


Recruitment agencies
• PRAN Sp Z.o.o.
• Covebo Recruitment S.L.
• Covebo Recrutare SRL
• Covebo Hungary Ltd.
• Covebo Work Office Sp. Z.o.o.
• Covebo Jobs Sp. Z.o.o.
• Covebo Poland Sp. Z.o.o.
• Eurojob Top Teams for Top Jobs Sp. z.o.o. Facilities (such as accommodation)
• EU Facility Services B.V.
• Housing & Transport Facilities B.V.

This privacy policy was last amended on 29 December 2020