On this page you can find general terms and conditions, certificates and declarations of Eurojob.


ABU certificaat

Eurojob is in possession of the ABU certificate. This means that Eurojob correctly applies the collective labor agreement to every employee.

ABU Certificaat Eurojob

SNF Keurmerk

This quality mark is for temporary employment agencies that accommodate migrant workers. The housing locations of the quality mark holders are checked annually. If the accommodation does not meet the requirements, the provider of the accommodation will be removed from the SNF register.

SNF Keurmerk Eurojob

SNF Keurmerk Eurojob Housing en Transport

SNA Register Normering Arbeid

Eurojob complies with the standards as laid down in the SNA Standards Manual and is included in the
Labor Standards Register.
The register can be consulted at www.normeringarbeid.nl.

SNA Verklaring van registratie Eurojob

The G-account is blocked for all account numbers, except those of the tax authorities. The social insurance contributions and wage tax are paid from this G-account to the tax authorities.

G-account agreement Eurojob

G-account agreement Eurojob KBC

Declaration Tax Authorities
This statement from the tax authorities shows that all declared sales taxes and payroll taxes have been paid by the company.

WKA verklaring belastingdienst Eurojob