I work already for 4 year at Eurojob.

During this time, I was given great development opportunities and acquired all the knowledge necessary for this job.

Working with flowers gives me a lot of satisfaction, so if you like flowers then this is the right job for you. My employer helps me combine work and private life, which is very important to me.

Eurojob is punctual, honest and reliable.

working in warehouse in Netherlands temporary job agency Eurojob

Good cooperation with Eurojob

For the last 3 years, working at Eurojob has given me great satisfaction.

Cooperation and contact with the internal Eurojob team is efficient and very professional. They are always professional, responsible, helpful and friendly.

I always find the time spent in the company for which I work productive and enjoyable. My employer invests in new employees, devotes a lot of time to training, which in turn raises the level of our skills.

International job agency Eurojob Netherlands work

Working in a good atmosphere

When I came to the Netherlands, Eurojob was very helpful. I like my job.

The worker offers many opportunities if you are ready to progress. It is easy to meet new people, make new acquaintances and make friends.

Eurojob’s office is located in the same building as my workplace, so it is easy to access information in case of any questions.

Reachtruck temporary Job agency Netherlands Eurojob

Happy with my job in logistics

I wanted to work as a reach truck operator. Unfortunately, I did not have the appropriate permissions.

At Eurojob, I was able to get such a certificate quickly.

Shortly after the course, Eurojob placed me in the appropriate position.

I have finally found a job that makes me happy.

Do you also want a nice job at Eurojob?

Do you also want a nice job at Eurojob?