We are Eurojob

We are Eurojob


Who is Eurojob?

With the start of a new century in 2000 we started a new temp agency. For more then 20 years we are the best international job agency from the Netherlands. Within this time we have hired over 15.000 employees, we are happy that our clients can provide great positions where our flex workers can grow, learn and get an attractive salary.

Housing and transport

For the flex workers that are coming to the Netherlands we provide good and safety housing and transport. It’s important for us that the flex workers have a good place to rest after a day of working for one of our clients. Because the flex workers will be healthier and happier at their job. Since 2015 we are getting the certificate for good housing: Certificate SNF Housing.

Our clients at Eurojob

In all the years that Eurojob is active as a temp agency, we have been working with some great clients. Because of the clients that we have, the flex workers will enjoy their job. At our clients you will be able to learn, grow and get certificates. Your reach truck license is one example of the many certificates you can get.


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