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A romantic evening in the Netherlands

The Netherlands, like the rest of the West, followed the trend of celebrating Valentine’s Day. Before the lovers’ holiday began to be widely celebrated, Friendship Day was celebrated in the Netherlands. On this occasion, the National Organization of Florists (!) awarded people who contributed to the community with an elegant bouquet. Today, Dutch storefronts are well in advance of being richly decorated with hearts and cute cupids to remind you that a celebration of love is approaching. Widely understood culture encourages us to spend a lot of money, because if we love a lot, the value of a gift should emphasize it… but love is not about gifts, right? The time and attention that we give to our loved one is more important. Therefore we will give you a few ideas on how to spend a great Valentine’s Day, but not to go bankrupt at the same time.

Let’s go for a walk

Of course, many people have an aversion to celebrating the “consumer love holiday”, on the other hand, it can be treated as an opportunity to spend time together and do something different than usual. You don’t have to buy expensive gifts, but a trip, dinner in a previously unknown restaurant, or a weekend trip is a really nice idea, right? In the Netherlands, no matter what location you live in, you have many walking and cycling routes at your disposal. You can take your loved one for a walk absolutely for free. Before that, you can plan a route, prepare snacks and a thermos with hot tea. You will have plenty of time to talk and your oxygenated bodies will feel great.

The way to someone’s heart is through their stomach

If you prefer to spend Valentine’s Day in a more traditional way, take your loved one to a romantic dinner. There is no shortage of restaurants and atmospheric pubs in the Netherlands. If you can, go to Amsterdam – in the Ctaste restaurant you will eat in complete darkness! This is a truly unusual dining experience. If you are too far from Amsterdam, there is definitely an interesting culinary place in your area. You are sure to find some good offer on popular discount sites for services. If you prefer to be more entertaining than dinner, head to the largest pub in Europe – De Drie Gezusters. Unforgettable impressions and fun are guaranteed!

Royal Valentine’s Day

Or maybe you will take your princess / prince to the castle? In the Netherlands, the selection is huge and most of them are well preserved and open to the public. The most luxurious and very famous is De Haar Castle, but it is a bit cheated: despite the appearance of a medieval fortress, it is not as old as it is trying to pretend. It was built at the beginning of the 20th century. Nevertheless, it makes a great impression and its interior is breathtaking. It is definitely a very romantic background for a couple in love. What if you had a photoshoot there?


Regardless of how you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day, remember that small, everyday gestures of care and attention are the most important things in love


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