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Easter in the Netherlands

For Christians, Easter is the most important holiday in the entire calendar. Although in the competition for “favorite holidays” Christmas would definitely win. It has grown thanks to many traditions, and the magic of Hollywood added a lot to their atmosphere. Easter is not so “selling”, although it can be just as lovely. Easter in Dutch unique in its own way. However, while maintaining your natural curiosity and willingness to observe, you can learn a lot about the country in which you live. So we will tell you a little bit about Dutch Easter traditions.

Pasen – Easter in Dutch

The Netherlands is a secular and multicultural country. While Easter in some countries has the dimension of a Catholic holiday, in the Netherlands it is more a time of rest and meetings with relatives and blissful laziness. If you are Christian, you will surely find a church nearby that will bless your food basket and organize an Easter mass.

Chocolate eggs

Easter is primarily associated with eggs, right? In some countries, large amounts of them are eaten on these two festive days! In the Netherlands, eggs are also eaten, but mostly… chocolate. Children have a lot of fun, because the Easter bunny hides sweet eggs in flowerbeds or in gardens, and children come to look for them. Such a small thing but so much fun for the little ones!

Flower centerpieces

Mainly women (but probably not only) compete in creating Christmas flower headpieces. Compositions of tulips, hyacinths and daffodils dominate… but is it any wonder? After all, the Netherlands is famous for flowers! Houses are often decorated with willow twigs with catkins, and on them hang chanterelles, bunnies and colored eggs.

Easter bonfires

In the eastern and northern provinces of the Netherlands there is a custom of lighting Easter fires… It dates back to pagan times and is known not only in the Netherlands. In 2012, a bonfire was lit in the village of Espelo with a population of approx. 370 inhabitants, which is still visible on the pages of the Guinness Book of Records – it was almost 46 meters high!

Easter breakfast

The Dutch don’t overeat for Easter. If it were possible, some of them would use Easter as an opportunity to go to the restaurant so they don’t have to prepare complicated dishes. They usually eat a late breakfast / early lunch and the indicator that this is a festive breakfast is their very sweet bread… also known from Christmas but prepared a bit differently.


This is all you need to know about Easter customs in the Netherlands. There are not many of them, because the Netherlands does not celebrate this as much. Meanwhile, we wish you a peaceful and, above all, healthy Easter. We hope you will rest and recharge your batteries for the coming spring.


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