2 min28 September 2021

How to get a COVID pass?

If you miss your pre-pandemic life, here is a light in the tunnel – restrictions in the Netherlands are being lifted. Life is back to normal, but only for people who have a COVID pass. From the text below, you will learn what this pass is and how to get it. Many people report problems with making it, therefore we will suggest where to look for help.

What is a COVID pass?

The COVID pass is an electronic document in the form of a QR code confirming vaccination against COVID-19, recovery from disease, or a negative test result (done within the last 24 hours). Coronavirus tests in the Netherlands are free of charge. Without the COVID pass, you will not take advantage of the cinema, restaurants or other forms of social life. So making it for many people is simply important.

How to get a COVID pass in the Netherlands?

In theory, the matter is very simple. If you have DigiD, you can do everything online. What is DigiD? This is a Dutch trusted profile. Many foreigners do not have such a profile in the Netherlands, therefore they have a problem with obtaining a pass. There is a solution to this problem, unfortunately, it requires a call to the hotline (conversation in English or Dutch) and waiting in the queue to be connected with the consultant.

What to do if you don’t have DigiD?

You can receive the QR code by post. To report such a need, you must call the Corona app helpdesk on 0800-1421. Prepare your BSN number and zip code that you entered when making the BSN number because this is where you will receive your parcel. After clarifying the matter, you will be connected to the branch that prints and mails the codes – within 5 days of reporting you will receive a paper document with your unique QR code.

And it’s ready, enjoy your life!


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