2 min24 May 2021

Safe cycling in the Netherlands

Cycling outdoors is one of the best physical activities we can give our body. There are no age limits, and there are actually very few contraindications for practicing this sport. It prevents obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and atherosclerosis. Furthermore, it boosts our well-being, and it even improves the work of the brain and mental resilience! Your body will thank you for cycling. However, while cycling around the Netherlands, it is worth knowing the rules prevailing in this country. We invite you to familiarize yourself with them.

Safety is key

The Dutch don’t focus on helmets at all – you can ride without a helmet, but your bike needs to be clearly visible. Dutch law clearly indicates that the bicycle must be properly lit: a red light at the back and a yellow or white light at the front is mandatory. Also remember about reflectors – red on the back, white or yellow on the wheels and yellow on the pedals. An important element of the bicycle equipment is a bell, loud enough to be heard from a distance of 25 meters. There are fines for the lack of lighting, reflectors or a bell: 55 euros for each missing light, 33 euros for each missing reflector, 35 euros for no bell.

Where is allowed to ride a bicycle

In the Netherlands it is forbidden to cycle on sidewalks and pedestrian crossings. But you have a really extensive network of bicycle routes at your disposal, and they are governed by the rules of the road, so you need to signal your intentions in the right way and obey the signs and traffic lights. Regardless of the situation, the bus, tram or taxi always have priority over the cyclist. You can also cycle on some pedestrian paths, but only at certain times, outside of the highest traffic intensity.

For what would you be fined?

Don’t ride a bicycle after consuming alcohol – if its blood content exceeds 0.5 per mille, you will be fined 100 euros. The fine will be much higher if the policeman determines that the cyclist posed a hazard on the road. From 2019, fines have been introduced in the Netherlands for the use of smartphones, tablets and other mobile electronic devices while driving – the fine for such behavior is not low, it is 95 euros. Mobile devices may only be used when the cyclist is standing (e.g. at traffic lights). It is allowed to use the navigation and maps on the smartphone, provided that the device is mounted in a special holder. You can also use the headphones and listen to music while riding a bike.

Have fun!

We wish you many kilometers on bike and a great time! Now is the perfect time for this form of leisure.

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