3 min17 December 2020

3 answers the recruiter is afraid of

Take this article with a grain of salt. Half seriously. I want to show you a job interview from a recruiter’s perspective who hopes that they are talking to exactly the person they are looking for. Meanwhile, it happens that a very promising job interview turns into a total disaster! Sometimes it is enough to answer a very easy and harmless question… “Why do you want to work in the Netherlands?” This is not a tricky question, but there are answers that effectively take away your chance to work at Eurojob (and probably many other companies). Are you curious what they are? Keep reading!

Because there are coffeshops there!

When asked “why the Netherlands?” you can answer in many ways. Pointing out legal access to marijuana as the most important point in making a decision to go abroad to work is not a very good idea. Certainly that answer does not put you in a good light. You probably don’t present yourself as someone who can be relied on professionally… And yes, then you can see a hint of disappointment on the recruiting poker face.

As recruiters, we also do not need to know the history of your life, how you got stoned in the Netherlands and how wonderful memories you have from that. To tell you the truth, we understand you, we are only people and we know the Dutch reality, but not in the situation of the formal interview. Being at a job interview, don’t go into such private matters.

Myth of temporary work

It happens that a person applying for a temporary job thinks that they will not have to work too much, and certainly no one will require commitment and effort from them. If during the job interview you say that you want to go to work abroad, because you could work less and earn more, then… well, you are not an attractive candidate. The recruiter’s face may show an expression of resignation.

The truth is that in absolutely every job, employees are required to… work, be committed, and perform their duties responsibly. Basically, Company X makes an agreement with you that you will do certain things that they pay you for. And the company wants to do these things well and responsibly. This is expected in every job. However, when you go abroad with a job agency, you can be sure that the expectations from your work will be in accordance with the law and applicable standards, and that you will receive an appropriately high salary. Your comfort and sense of security are important!

Interpol is after me

Okay, such an answer does not happen of course! We wanted to keep your attention! However, it happens that someone has been convicted and wants to work at Eurojob. You must know that this is not possible. We do not employ people who are previously convicted. When signing an employment contract, we require documents confirming no criminal record.

Our cooperation with Dutch market leaders requires us to maintain very high standards. We cannot direct people after conviction to our clients, so we are very careful about this issue. As I mentioned, we check this on the basis of a court certificate, so there is no point in trying to lie to the recruiter.

While you can get out of the two previous answers while saving face and there is still a chance to “get along”, in the case of being previously convicted, we cannot compromise.

Each Eurojob recruiter puts a lot of effort into their work. For us, you – job applicants – are “gems” – we want to see your potential. Remember this when talking to us and don’t stress!

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