3 min15 January 2023

Temporary Job

Are you thinking about taking up a temporary job in the Netherlands and wondering what kind of position Eurojob - a temporary employment agency offer? Working in the warehouse and working in production are the main axes around which we move. Over 20 years of experience on the market has taught us that people are different, just like the needs of employers, so you will find a variety of offers... Check what we can offer you.


 Temperament, skills, talents, and interests create a unique set of traits with which each person looks for employment tailored to their needs. There are people predisposed to work in a group and some people who work better alone. There are born leaders, there are people with an analytical mind and people who have manual skills. Everyone agrees on the fact that they want to like the work they do - which makes it more effective, pleasant and easier. At Eurojob, we know a recipe for creating a workplace for various talents - check what we have prepared for you.

International work environment

Eurojob is an international working environment. Thanks to this, you will meet many interesting and inspiring people from all over the world! You have the opportunity to learn English (or learn to use it) and Dutch. Working in an international environment is also an opportunity for personal development. It teaches openness to people and different cultures. This is a valuable lesson for life.

Work without experience

We offer job positions related to work in production (of various types), work in a warehouse, as a hotel service, in replenishment or as a forklift operator. It is important for many of our employees that working at Eurojob does not require any professional experience! Thanks to this, it is a great idea for the first job for young people, but it is also an opportunity to change your professional life and try something new in it. Work without experience, available immediately… It sounds good, doesn't it?

Flexible schedule

A great advantage of working at Eurojob is its flexibility. Work in production or work in the warehouse usually takes place in shifts, which means that you can have a flexible schedule. This convenient solution means that you can take advantage of various options for life after work: from sightseeing to night trips to pubs. It's nice, especially if you want to not only earn a good salary but also see a little bit of the world.

Work in production

Many job offers at Eurojob are "production" jobs, but if you read our job offers, you will quickly notice that production work can be very different in nature. You can work for a printer ink distribution company or one that grows flowers. Regardless of which offer you choose, you can be sure that at Eurojob we will account for your working hours and pay well for your commitment.

Work in the warehouse

Working in a warehouse usually requires a basic knowledge of the English language sufficient to understand a special scanner. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to get to know the most modern logistics units from the inside, the complexity of which can astonish you. The work is not difficult but requires commitment and concentration. Many people working as warehouse workers in one of the companies we work with, decide to stay longer in the Netherlands.

Good job in the Netherlands

Eurojob is one of the longest-operating temporary employment agencies. Our many years of experience result in contracts with companies that enjoy a reputation in the Dutch labor market. For employees, it is a guarantee of remuneration and fair treatment. Everyone will find an interesting position among our job offers - check if we are right!

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