2 min24 June 2021

Benefits of working with us!

We really want to connect Eurojob employers with good employees. At the same time, we want to give you a job that brings both financial and psychological satisfaction. We make every effort to check the quality of work with our clients. Coordinators are available at every workplace to help you – the employees – find yourself and do your best job. However, the pandemic severely limits the willingness to go abroad, and the needs of the labor market are not decreasing… We are constantly looking for hands to work! That is why we try to create the most attractive offer for you. Check what benefits we offer at Eurojob.

Recruit and make money

You can become a Eurojob recruiter and earn money from it. It is a very simple task! You can recommend your friend to us who is interested in taking up a job. If your friend accepts the offer and starts working with us, you will get €50,-. When the recommended person works for a minimum of 4 weeks and you are still on board, we will pay you again € 50,- for the recommendation. If the recommended person stays with us for more than 3 months you will get another €50,- So… Do you know someone who is looking for a job?

Reimbursement of travel expenses

When you go to work with Eurojob, you can count on the cost refund of travel expenses to the Netherlands. If you want to take advantage of this bonus, be sure to keep the receipt for the purchase of the ticket or the ticket with the amount! Send it to us so we can refund your travel expenses. Are you interested in how much we can give you? It looks like this:
– for a bus up to 100 euro,
– for a car up to 70 euro,
– for a plane up to 125 euros.
So, are you already sure that Eurojob has a good job for you in the Netherlands under really tempting conditions? Then we are waiting for your CV!

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