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What job can I find at Eurojob?

It is the right decision to arrange working abroad through an agency. Thanks to this, you have a guarantee of payment of your salary (fair, “market” salary) on time, you have insurance, high-standard accommodation and you can count on the help of coordinators in dealing with various matters on the spot. Each of the employers we work with as Eurojob is trustworthy. They’re just cool places to work. Check how wide our offer is!

Work in the warehouse

We work with leaders in various industries: electronics, clothing, furniture and medical accessories. Each of the companies organizes modern storage spaces for products. Warehouse work mainly consists of collecting orders, packing parcels, preparing goods for shipment, using the scanner (which is why communicative knowledge of English is often required) and the EPT forklift skills. Maybe the scope of duties does not seem to be a “challenge”, but working in such large companies is an opportunity for development. You can learn a lot from these companies. Many offers welcome the willingness to work for a longer period of time, because it is possible to switch to a contract for the client.

Work in production

If you prefer, you can work in production. In this case, the scope of duties can be very different, depending on the employer and the industry in which it operates. You can work with flowers, but you can also choose to work for a company that segregates boxes. In most job offers as a production worker, there is no requirement to speak English, which is a great help. As a rule, shift work is attractive, especially for people who want to earn as much as possible in a short time. Many of these employers also provide for longer-term employment opportunities.

Other offers

We also recruit employees who help with stock replenishment in leading brands of large-format stores. From time to time, we announce recruitment for coordinators who live in the Netherlands and help the newly recruited agency employees find their place.
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