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Temporary work for students

Many students, due to the challenges posed by the studies they have chosen, cannot start work during the academic year. And yet everyone has their dreams, needs and goals! And as you know, parents can’t always sponsor them. In addition, the inability to start a job during studies means that after graduating from university, it may be more difficult to find your first, nice job, because employers often want to hire young people, but with at least some experience…Temporary work in the Netherlands is a great idea for you, dear student, no matter what your future plans are!

Who to trust?

When faced with the decision to go to the Netherlands for work, everyone wonders who to trust. Friends, who promise to help with finding a job? Maybe it’s better to go on your own and look for something on the spot? Or maybe go with a recruitment agency? Only the third solution guarantees you trustworthy work on site. And if you have to choose an agency, check not only the opinions about it but also whether it has the appropriate accommodation certificates and with which ABU is affiliated (you can find more about it on our blog). The last important thing is the number of years, the agency is on the market – the longer it operates, the more reliable it is.

What to pay attention to?

If you are under 21, choose offers with the annotation “no youth wage”. In the Netherlands, employers can pay a lower salary to people under the age of 21. If the offer says that there is no youth wage, it means that you will earn as much as older workers. If you are going to work with your significant other or someone close to you, check job offers “for couples” – then you can have joint shifts (which also means joint free time).

What to prepare?

You don’t need to undergo any special preparation. Take with you the documents that were required for the recruitment, your sleeping bag or bedding, cutlery, cup, plates and things you need on a daily basis (cosmetics, medicines, clothes you like, books). Besides, a good mood, positive attitude and willingness to work are always appreciated!

Is temporary employment experience an important position in a resume?

Yes, especially in young people. It may seem that blue-collar work is not worth attention in a resume, but it is far from the truth, actually! Contrary to popular opinion, we learn a lot from working in such a job:  we learn teamwork, work in an international and very diverse environment, we also develop as people, broaden our own points of view, we learn responsibility. In our opinion, it is worth taking a temporary job during your university time because it is a valuable experience before you start your dream job.

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