3 min1 July 2022

5 tips to feel yourself better

Rest is the art that few people have mastered. Especially nowadays, when we are expected to be flexible and efficient at work, followed by a willingness to socialize actively. We are also used to competition, results, and performance, which often makes it difficult for us to truly relax. When we go to bed, our thoughts run wild and our heads cannot rest. Our muscles are tense. Can you function differently? Yes, you can. And you don’t have to change the world, you just need to look for a change in yourself.

1. Focus on the present moment

Instead of reflecting on past situations and looking for comebacks to unpleasant words, it is worth focusing on what you have in front of your nose here and now. Worrying about the future and creating (often dark) scenarios is just as toxic for your mind. Instead of living in what has not yet come, it is better to focus on what is, look for opportunities and possibilities in the present, and not allow yourself to take too many trips into the past or future. Your head will be grateful to you for such a rest!

2. Do what you can

Are you worried about the lack of a solution to a problem? You can’t sleep at night because you don’t know what to do in a certain situation? Are you stressed because you can’t see the way out of your difficulties? It is understandable. However, not always solutions are available immediately, sometimes you have to wait a bit for the situation to develop to be able to see what it entails. Before you panic, think about what you can do now. Write it down on a piece of paper… and do it. Don’t think forever, act as you can at the moment. You will see, that the solution to your problems will come at the right time.

3. Some things can’t be changed

And although it’s difficult, you have to accept it. The truth is that we do not have an influence on everything in life, in fact, many things we have no influence on at all. These are the things we love to worry about! As if our worry could change anything… It can’t! Therefore, it is much better to think about what can realistically contribute to a better life for us and head in this direction. Change jobs, learn languages, reach out to a family member, leave…

4. Let things go

There is a saying – better is made than perfect. Meanwhile, we often strive to do everything better: achieve better results than a friend, buy a better car than a colleague, live in a bigger house than a neighbor, etc … In this rat race, letting go gives you a feeling of true freedom. You don’t really need to be faster, better or more expensive. You can do the same, and even worse… but with care for your own mental health. You will see over time how much will change in your life thanks to this mindset.

5. Thought reset

Turn off thinking every day! Yes, yes – stop thinking, you read well. Turn off the screens (TV, computer, telephone) and be alone with yourself for a few minutes. During this time, do something that you really like, that gives you joy: talk to someone close to you, cook something delicious, eat your favorite cupcake, listen to music… Give yourself a break from thinking. It is not really dangerous, as long as you are not driving a car or a bicycle at the moment.

Let’s relax!

Overthinking is really harmful, it takes away the joy of life and makes any situation stressful. It is worth taking care of your mental health, taking care of your well-being. A few minutes of daily practice will work wonders, you’ll see! Exercise regularly throughout the summer. Thanks to these few simple tricks mentioned above, you will feel more peace in your life and your rest will begin to truly relax you.

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