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What New Year’s resolutions to set? 3 suggestions

We promise ourselves a lot with the arrival of the New Year: we and our lives are to change for the better, so we will be the best version of ourselves from all the versions so far! Ambitious, fun! It is a pity that the enthusiasm lasts a week, two, sometimes a few weeks, and then everything returns to the old, well-known track. We have already written about how to keep the New Year’s resolutions. Today we want to take a look at what is really worth deciding to make life truly better and more joyful. And these are not so much New Year’s resolutions as good habits for life.

1. I will take care of my health

This resolution is not meant to be “I will lose weight”, “I will do more sit-ups” or “I will eat less sweets.” It’s not that losing weight or sit-ups are bad. The trick is to approach yourself holistically and take care of your own health, not to care about social assessment of our attractiveness. The last two years in the global pandemic showed us clearly how important mental and physical health is. Therefore, it is worth starting to consciously take care of your own health, because, unfortunately, it is easy to lose it. That is why we recommend making 2022 the year of health: do preventive examinations, make changes in the diet that will make the body feel better and function better, find physical activity that gives pleasure, not “just” results. Also, take care of your mental health, nurture relationships with important people, and notice what allows you to feel inner peace (and practice it).

2. I’ll put away the stimulants

This point is somewhat related to the first point, but has a slightly wider dimension. The addiction can be of course alcohol, cigarettes or marijuana, but also playing games or habitually watching Netflix. Anything that makes you feel worse in the end (you have a moral or physical hangover, you have a night for the show again, you breathe worse) – it just hurts you, although sometimes it may seem as if it helps in some way (it is very illusory). Many stimulants require not only to sacrifice health for them, but also to allocate considerable funds (how much are you paying for cigarettes per month?) For their purchase. In large amounts, they increase loneliness, because they cut off from interpersonal contacts. After some time, it turns out that there is no life beyond the stimulant … and you are not happy at all.

3. I choose the light side of the force

Practice gratitude and the recognition of the positive aspects of different situations and people. Before you start complaining, think about what is good in a given workplace, person or situation. Train yourself to notice the good things and the people around you. In the beginning, especially for very critical people, such training will be difficult. Over time, however, it will become a habit (because the brain can be taught to function differently!) And you will find that you feel much better. You will wake up to a lot of joy and such childlike fun of simply being and living.

That’s it!

Here are 3 simple things that have tremendous power to make great changes in your life. If you need to make New Year’s resolutions, make one that will have a real impact on you and ultimately make you feel happier and more joyful! Because it’s worth living for such moments!

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