3 min3 August 2022

The summer is getting hotter!

Most people are anxiously looking at the thermometer this summer. Record heat is recorded in more and more European countries, including the Netherlands. We are not used to temperatures as high as 40 degrees Celsius ... How can we survive them?


How to survive the heat?


We are not used to the temperatures this summer serves us. Even those who love hot summers complain about the heat. It is stuffy, muggy, and difficult to function normally in such conditions. How lucky are those who work in air-conditioned places! More and more often we hear about the victims of heat, and we are concerned about the health of our loved ones. How to safely survive hot days? Here are some ideas!




The basis of well-being in hot weather is adequate hydration of the body, therefore it is recommended to drink 2-3 liters of fluid a day. Mainly it should be water (highly mineralized). It can be supplemented with weak tea or fruit and vegetable juices - it is worth drinking tomato juice because it replenishes potassium, which we quickly lose from the body on hot days. You should not drink caffeinated beverages (e.g. coffee, coke) and alcohol, which can cause low blood pressure and, as a result, fainting.


Light meals


Eat easily digestible, and give up heavy, fried, fatty dishes. When it is hot, your body is busy preventing any of its systems from overheating. Be understanding and give it no more work to digest a heavy meal. Salads, light dishes, cold soups - these are dishes made with summer in mind.


Be careful with the cold


It is obvious that while walking down a hot street you dream of jumping into the icy water, you are tempted to break into the first air conditioning store you pass, and if you have an air conditioner at home (or in your car) you set it to maximum cooling. However, we advise you to be cautious in this matter, because sudden and large fluctuations in temperature can be very harmful, even leading to thermal shock. Cool down gradually, not too greedily.


Take care of the house


Cover and close the windows, do not let the heat into the room, because it will make itself comfortable there. If you don't have air conditioning, buy yourself a fan - it will also help. You can take a summer shower every now and then to make yourself feel nicer. If you do not have to, do not leave the house during the hottest hours, which are between 11:00 and 15:00. Stay in the shade, and avoid being in the sun.


Take care of others


Also remember to use creams with a UV filter, wear light and airy clothes and protect your head - a straw hat can be a very stylish addition to summer styling. Also, pay special attention to children and the elderly. Both the youngest and the oldest are easy victims of the heat - they forget to drink water and use protective creams. Their bodies also react differently to temperatures and are often more sensitive to them. Let’s take care of each other and be cautious on hot days, and we will certainly be safe.


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