3 min2 February 2021

A healthy mind, A healthy body

Another day of quarantine – another challenge from us! Today we want to convince you to move your body because as they say “a sound mind in a sound body”!

It is said that one of the healthiest physical activities is… going for a walk. But unfortunately, when you are sitting on a quarantine it’s impossible to go out for a walk. Luckily, there are other ways to get some fresh air and take care of your well-being. So crack your window and let’s start!

Few workouts from us…

They are divided into three sections: for women, for men and for couples. Choose what suits you the best!

If you are a woman and you want to do workout for men – no worries. It all depends on what results you want to achieve. The same applies, if it’s the other way around- you are a man but you liked workouts from the woman section. Go ahead! There is nothing standing in your way.

Remember that only consistency in working out brings results. That’s why we highly recommend making it a habit. Working out 3 times a week would be an awesome start!

For men:

A bit of knowledge

Before you start, it’s good to learn how to prepare your body for workouts to be effective. Even bodyweight exercises at home can bring spectacular results but only when we connect them with other aspects of our lives like a well-balanced diet. Jeremy Ethier tells you how to start.

Let’s go!

We found a 30 day workout challenge made for at home training. You can start no matter the level you’re at. Consistency is what matters the most. This whole workout plan will definitely help you strengthen your body.

Create your own routine

If you don’t like to have everything planned out for you and you prefer to pick and choose your own workouts according to your needs or mood, we recommend checking Chris Heria’s YouTube channel. He generally specializes in calisthenics which are body-weight exercises. On his channel he has plenty of videos with at home workouts that require no equipent – this is one of them

Hardcore workout

If you’ve been working out for a long time before and you feel for a challenge, you can try this workout.

Streching is very important!

Usually we tend to neglect streching at the end of our workouts thinking that we already did our job by doing the workout itself. But stretching is as important as our main workout! We contract the muscles during our exercies to make them stronger, but we also need to lenghten them with stretching to avoid injuries and muscle contractures.

For Women

A bit of knowledge

Most women start working out because they want to lose weight. We can say that every motivation is good if it pushes you to move your body. However it’s great to workout not only because of your physique but also your overall health and well-being. So if you think about weight-loss, first listen to this TEDx talk about healthy relationship with food.

Shall we start?

Okay, so if you haven’t been moving your body for a long time, it’s better to start with something light and easy. That’s why we recommend this workout to begin with.

Up for a challenge?

For all levels, we recommend trying out this two-week workout challenge. It will be especially good for people who want to come back to exercising after a long break, so they can build up the habit of working out again. Don’t worry if you can’t do some of the moves – most of the time the instructor shows easier versions of an exercise in the corner.

Remember about stretching

Stretching after workouts is really crucial for good condition of your muscules. It keeps them flexible, strong, and healthy, as well as helps us maintain a range of motion in the joints. So let’s stretch!

Hardcore workout

Do you feel confident about your strength? If so, try this workout.


Light version

If you want start lighter.

And hardcore version…

For those who feel confident enough and what to get more sweaty.

Let’s break some sweat!

We hope that you found something interesting for you. We hope you will find joy in new workout routines and that they will stay with you for longer (not only during quarantine) keeping your body fit and healthy. Good luck!



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