2 min8 February 2021

Good to know! – documentaries

Today we want to inspire you to expand your knowledge. So, we’d like to ask you to turn on Netflix because we have a list of four documentary productions that will help you look at things from different points of view. We are really curious what emotions those movies will evoke in you!

Our Planet

It is a docu-series on Netflix. Even though it has only 8 episodes, every single one of them will take your breath away. It was shot in 4 years in 50 different countries on every continent. More than 600 crew members shot together material with a length of over three and a half thousand shooting days! Sounds impressive, right? All of those filmmakers will take us on a journey to show us untamed places (surprisingly, they still exist) and a world so beautiful, that can move even the toughest of you. Nevertheless, the series also makes us reflect about the detrimental human impact on the environment and life on our planet. This mesmerising documentary will change your perspective on the planet you are living on.

The Story of God with Morgan Freeman

Maybe after feeling amazed by the beauty of our planet you would be interested in matters about God. This series shows connections between evolution, religion and civilization as well as surprising analogies between different religions (even though at first glance they seem totally different). Episode by episode Freeman is looking for answers to fundamental questions about matters connected with God and faith like: world creation, origins of godly creatures, source of evil, miracles, apocalypse or resurrection. He is trying to find answers by travelling to holy places of different religions and confronts those facts with the newest scientific research.

The Minimalists: Less Is Now

53-minute reflection on whether things that we possess are necessary. And if not – how much do we need to be happy and why? Do we need to buy all new and trendy things advertised by the media? Today consumer society drowns in tons of stuff. The Minimalists say that now is the time to choose less. They claim that having less stuff will make you more fulfilled and energised and will help you focus on people and what really matters in life. Do you dare to try?

The Social Dilemma

Can social media be dangerous not only to individual users but to the whole world? Is it possible that tools we use to share our lives with others can be harmful to us? How do they really work and what trap they hide? After watching this documentary you will see social media in a different light. Maybe you will even stop using them at all?

Let’s watch!

Those documentaries really make us reflect. Warning: they can change something in your life!


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