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Use your head! – “brain gym”

Our brain is our nerve center. Thanks to it we live and we do what we do: we feel, think, move our fingers, walk, run and breath (even when we are sleeping). It works 24/7 – it doesn’t take a break for coffee or cigarette and it never slows down!

Few words about our brain..

Our brain is an incredible organ! It’s truly mesmerising! There’s been a myth that we only use 10% of our brain’s abilities but research doesn’t approve that. Moreover the newest research claims that we use our entire brain and there is no place that is not useful to us after some damage occurs. Every single (even the tiniest) part of it we need in our lives.

Unlock you potential

But there is some truth to saying that we don’t use our brain’s full potential. There are people who have better memory than others; some people can do incredibly complex calculations in their mind; others can simply “turn off” the pain in their bodies. Another important thing is that we take our brain for granted and we don’t dedicate time to… train it.

What to start with?

You may wonder “what do you mean by training the brain?”. Yes, we really can train it. Thanks to that we are not only smarter but we can prevent some diseases (like for ex. Alzheimer or dementia). Listen to what Wendy Suzuki has to say about that.

Let’s move!

Yes, we all know that moving our bodies is the key to health and longevity but it also improves the efficiency of our brain. Isn’t it amazing? Therefore be active for your health! Choose stairs over the elevator, whenever you can go for a walk or ride a bike (it’s very popular in the Netherlands!) and spend as much time you can outdoors.

Try it in practice

You can find plenty of exercises online that stimulate the work of your brain. It’s really worth including them in our everyday routines. They are not complicated nor time-consuming but they can change a lot in your life. Those are just few examples that we found.

2 minutes for our brain

Training for the right and left hemispheres

9 easy brain exercises to strengthen your mind


Those are very pleasant exercises and most of them you can do wherever you want… in a bus, sitting in a car (as a passenger), during the lunch break at work or in the bathtub before going to sleep. Try doing them consistently. Results may positively surprise you!

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