3 min7 February 2021

And the game begins!

Welcome to another day of quarantine with Eurojob! We hope you don’t feel bored. Maybe you even feel more relaxed? If so, great! It’s already day 7 and soon you will start your journey with a new job in the Netherlands!

Meanwhile, to make your waiting time more pleasant … reach for the cards! You will find the deck of cards in the place you ‘re staying in. Only thing left is to find your game partner! We prepared for you to play games that you might not know.


This is a very rare card game meant for two people. All you need is a deck of 48 cards (from 3 to Ace), piece of paper and something to write with. The goal of this game is to collect points and the person who collects the most points – wins.

The Deal:

Deal the cards evenly between two people so each of you would have 24 cards.

The Play:

Decide who starts. Then player no. 1 place 6 cards in a line so they’re facing up. After placing cards you are comparing them, summing up the points and afterwards putting cards aside. Second player does the same. Each player has to repeat this sequence 4 times. You should keep track of points in a form of a table. At the end of each round (when both of you are out of cards) sum up the points. Person who has more points wins. You can play one round or decide for yourself how long you want to play.


– the same face/pip card – 5 points
– the same color cards – 10 points

For each the same face card, the player receives 5 points. Therefore for 2 same face cards you receive 10 points, for 3 cards – 15 points and so on. Same rule applies to colors. If you got 2 cards of the same color you receive 20 points, if you got 3 same color cards – 30 points and so on… Maximum amount of points in one go is 90 (if you got all six cards the same color).

You can receive points from one card more than once. It means that if in a 6 card set you have for ex. three of hearts, queen of hearts and three of spades, you receive 30 points (three of hearts + queen of hearts = 20 points and three of hearts + three of spades = 10 points).

Do you want to take it to next level?

If you feel like a gambler, you can play for… money. Then, after each round, the loser gives the winner as much money as the difference in their scores.

Egyptian Rat Screw

This game is probably a combination of two games: the 19th-century British card game Beggar-My-Neighbour and Slapjack (from which it borrowed a concept of “slapping” cards. Don’t be fooled by it’s ridiculous name the game is really addictive!

How to play?

This game is more complex than the previous one so it would be much easier for you to visually see the rules of the game. That’s why we encourage you to watch this explanatory video.

Let’s start the game!

That’s it for today. We know it’s only two games but believe us they can consume much more time than you initially think! Have fun! And remember: although your competition instinct may activate in the course of the game … it’s just fun! 😉


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