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Be aware – Mindfulness training

There is no better time for practicing mindfulness than during quarantine when you have to stay at home. If among your New Year’s resolutions were things like: becoming more calm, becoming a better person or self-care – that would be the perfect opportunity for you!

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is being present – simply paying attention and noticing whatever you’re doing in the present moment. When we’re being actively mindful, we’re not only being aware of the world around us but also our thoughts, feelings, behaviors and how it affects others. Thanks to that, you are able to create more space between stimulus and your reaction. That way you can consciously decide how to react instead of letting your emotions dictate your reactions. Of course you can scream at someone or kick something when you’re angry but it just makes you feel worse. That’s why you can acknowledge the emotion: “Yes, I am angry!” but choose not to act on it so you won’t hurt yourself or anyone around you.

A bit more about mindfulness

This short animation can help you understand what mindfulness is.

Sit and close your eyes

One of the most effective mindfulness practices is meditation which simply is a training for our brain. It’s all about learning to notice and acknowledge your emotions, consciously naming them but not holding onto them. How exactly? We hope that this short animation will explain it – to sum it up in a few words: imagine your thoughts are cars that are passing by. The goal of the meditation is to sit by the side of the road and observe them from a distance as they pass by and not let ourselves chase them or try to stop them in any way. It’s not about being perfect but about simply trying to come back to stillness every time we get distracted.

Mindfulness – benefits

Teachings of mindfulness have been initially spread in western countries thanks to Jon Kabat-Zinn. Currently, they gained even more popularity! The newest research shows multiple health benefits that come from practicing mindfulness like:

– reduces symptoms of depression
– lowers stress and anxiety
– helps with addiction treatment
– helps to reduce physical pain
– teaches us how to manage our emotions
– improves our quality of life and helps us feel more satisfied
– mediation is used as a supports treatment of many diseases like Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis or migraines

Meditation provides countless benefits regardless of the age. Even children can experience its incredible benefits, as well as adults can take advantage of it at any time in their lives.

A bit of knowledge

If you’re interested in scientific perspective about this topic, we encourage you to listen to this interview– it’s truly worth your time!

Do you want to learn more?

Also we highly recommend checking the short animated series on Netflix “Headspace Guide To Meditation” which explains in a very clear and simple way the science behind meditation as well as techniques that will make our practice more enjoyable. At the end of each episode will be short guided meditation which would help you practice what you just learned.

Turn on Youtube!

If you already decided to welcome more peace and happiness into your life – start meditating. You don’t have to get out of the house or pay lots of money for expensive courses. Very helpful turns out to be… YouTube (it’s so great we have it!)

We recommend to check Rebekah’s channel – here you will find a wide range of guided meditations to choose from. Which one should you choose first? There is no right or wrong answer… Everyone has different needs, so choose what you feel like.

5-minute meditation

If you didn’t find anything for yourself try this 5-Minute Meditation You Can Do Anywhere.

When you feel stressed

If you feel really stressed, try 10-minute meditation from Headspace.

Make it a habit

In case you feel like you need a more structured approach to meditation to stay consistent we recommend trying Waking Up: Guided Meditation‬ app created by Sam Harris. You can try it for free (5 meditations for free) and then sign up for a monthly subscription for about $14.99. But don’t worry they understand that not everyone can afford a monthly subscription so simply email info@wakingup.com and you will receive a free subscription for a year. Also after the year subscription is over you can make another request  – there is no limit.

At the end…

If you’re still sceptical whether you should start meditation practice, watch this video. It’s about how meditation affects your life after regular practice.

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