2 min24 June 2021

Better together

Why is it worth going abroad as a couple?

There may be many reasons for this. Your relationship will certainly benefit from such experience – you will get to know each other from a different perspective, check how you live and work together. You will learn different things about each other that you might not have learned under other circumstances. This is really valuable knowledge! If you have a common dream, temporary work is a great opportunity to earn for these dreams and save some money. Travel, apartment, car? For whatever you need money for, you will earn them faster in the Netherlands. In your free time, you will be able to explore the area together. Just like that… you will feel better.

How to prepare for a joint trip?

When selecting job offers, pay attention to the “youth wage” – if one of you is under 21, the Dutch employer may pay you a lower salary. Therefore, the most attractive job offers for people under the age of 21 are those that proclaim “no youth wage!”. In addition, it is worth agreeing with the agency on the conditions of your work: do you have a guarantee of joint changes, how will you get to work (it is worth considering going by your own car), and where to stay. Pack the necessary things (a windproof and rainproof jacket will definitely be useful, even during the summer). Take a positive attitude… and you are ready!

How to apply together?

Send your CV to Eurojob, each of you separately. After reading the candidates’ CVs, our recruiters call to talk to selected candidates. During the interview, you can say that you are interested in going to work with your significant other, that he / she has also sent a CV and that you want to work in a company that (and here you can specify: it has no youth wage, guarantees joint shifts) . Our recruiter will surely advise you on the appropriate offer and note down information about the person you want to travel with. Once you both pass the recruitment process, there is nothing else to do but to set the date and details of the trip.

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