2 min4 February 2021

Hot mess – let’s manage it

Welcome to your next day of quarantine! Today we want to encourage you to tidy up.… but wait a second! Before you grab your cleaning equipment, let us explain! Because today you will be cleaning your digital space – your phone and your laptop.

Time to tidy up!

It is said that life is better when you are in clean space. Laptop and phone are our private digital spaces that often tend to be… very cluttered. We feel confident saying that when you tidy them up, you will feel much more calm.

Start with your phone

1. Check your contact list – do you really need all of them? Make a selection and after you finish don’t forget to save it on your cloud.
2. Look through your photos – you will probably be surprised what photos you are still keeping… delete 15 variations of unwanted shots of the same picture and get rid of other photos and videos you don’t need anymore.
3. Check apps you’ve installed and delete ones you don’t use.
4. Turn on an app for cleaning your phone – that way you will easily get rid of junk. Usually those apps are automatically installed on your phone.
5. Scan your phone with antivirus software.
6. If you want to take it to the next level and take your phone to your home SPA by taking it apart and cleaning parts inside of it.

Now take your laptop

1. Declutter your files: go through folders in order. Delete from them what you don’t need and all files that you want to keep – organize in the right folders. Do the same with folders on your other hard drives. Put music where music is supposed to be, same with pictures or documents.
2. Look through your photos. Delete all you don’t need and organize them into right folders.
3. Same deal with videos and music. Delete all you don’t need and organize the rest.
4. Once you’re done with decluttering your files, turn on your internet browser… And tidy up your “Favourites” and “Bookmarks”. Probably most of those saved websites are no longer useful for you.
5. After you are done, scan your laptop with antivirus to check if your desktop not only doesn’t have any unnecessary files but also if it doesn’t have any viruses.

Feels much better!

In spite of appearances those simple looking tasks can take you many hours. We are more than sure that there would be no better time to do it than during quarantine. Have fun!


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