2 min10 May 2021

Is work experience necessary?

When reading various job offers, one can get the impression that employers are looking for “young, dynamic people” with 5 years of professional experience and not very sophisticated financial expectations. Additional advantages are having a driving license, knowledge of English and, of course, diligence. We understand that these expectations can bring you down… because who at 19 meets them? They are completely unreal! That is why Eurojob has real expectations and gives young people the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and earn money in the Netherlands!

You don’t always need to have experience

Of course, there are jobs that require professional experience. For example: you will not become a sales manager, director or specialist in the field of X without working for several (or several dozen) years in a given position. We know ambitious individuals who would love to… but in the real world, such things don’t happen. So it’s true, sometimes work experience is of great importance. However, temporary or seasonal jobs are not for specialists, but for people who are simply hardworking and wanting to go to the Netherlands.

Temporary work is a great idea

Temporary work is a great idea to start your career or fill a gap in your CV. Most of the positions we recruit for at Eurojob require traits that people simply possess: diligence, integrity and being hardworking. You don’t have to work for several years to have such character traits. The details of the work itself can be easily learned, especially as employees are introduced to each position by experienced colleagues or Eurojob coordinators.

You can go with someone close to you

This is great! You do not have to start your adventure with work alone. You can persuade a friend, partner, siblings, or even a group of friends to go with. It is easier to go to a foreign country with someone you know. And starting work with the support of someone close to you is a very comfortable situation. Employers are happy to hire friends, couples or family members. There are companies that guarantee joint shifts for them!


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