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Meet Eurojob’s employers – SO natural

SO natural is a Dutch company that became famous in the world thanks to the production of… orchids. Yes, that’s right! They are a leader in the orchid production industry. Thanks to them, in so many homes we can enjoy these unique flowers. You can find their orchids in many popular supermarkets. The company is a highly valued Dutch employer. They care about the comfort of work and its environment, focusing on equality and a friendly atmosphere. They also take care about the natural environment. Most people who start working in SO natural with us, decide to stay with the company for longer than just one season.

How are orchids made?

The production of orchids is a very demanding and difficult process. For 3 generations, SO natural has been perfecting the art of orchid breeding. As they say about themselves: “we have it in DNA”. They strengthen their activities by caring for the natural environment, which is why they grow flowers in a sustainable way. Also the packaging they use can be recycled. They know that caring for the planet is caring for all of us and that every business has a responsibility to the world.

What you need to know about orchids

Did you know that an orchid needs 106 weeks (it’s two years!) to grow to the point it can land on the shop shelf? This is how long it takes to produce one flower! During this time, it is necessary to take care of its various needs, such as hydration or providing conditions of the climate they come from. After 106 weeks, the orchids reach the stores, and from there, they go to the customers. Despite some difficulties related to their care, they are becoming more and more popular in our homes. They are simply delightful. Think how nice it would be to work with such flowers! SO natural creates even more than flowers – they use interior design trends to show how a flower can complement your interior. That is why every year at the Royal Flora in Aalsmere they present their latest creations.

SO natural as an employer

As an employer, SO natural also stands out positively on the Dutch market. First of all, they offer a year-round job – you work in a warehouse, not in a hall full of flowers. Additionally, their warehouse is an exceptionally friendly working environment with clean and pleasant microclimate. They are a family company that cares about a good working atmosphere and equal treatment. They focus on friendly work relationships, so it is important for them to exchange knowledge. More experienced employees are obliged to help new ones. For temporary employees, there is also a real possibility of transferring to a long-term contract for the position of Assistant or Team Leader. It is also a great job for couples, because when you go abroad together, you get a guarantee of the same shifts. Thanks to this, you can enjoy your company after work and get to know the Netherlands together. Possible positions to be taken include: line operator, packaging, quality control and preparation for shipment.

Staff feedback

We can praise the employer, but the employees’ words are the most credible. That’s why we’ve provided a few reviews of SO natural below. The statements come from interviews created for the needs of our website.

I have been working at SO natural for 4.5 years. This company gives me unique opportunities to develop and gain knowledge about orchids. I start work at 6:00 am and finish at 5:00 pm. Most weekends are free, which is fine with me. The atmosphere at work is very pleasant. SO natural values punctuality, honesty, reliability and quality. Working with orchids is very rewarding for me because I like these flowers. I highly recommend it to everyone who likes flowers… just like me. ” – Emilia

I have been working at Eurojob in the Netherlands for three years for SO natural. In my opinion, the cooperation and contact with the Eurojob in-house team remains very good and professional, you could even say great. Everyone is always helpful and all problems are quickly resolved. In my opinion, SO natural is also a very good place to work. The SO natural team patiently helps new employees learn to work with orchids. If I am to give Eurojob, SO natural and their employees a grade, it will be the highest possible. ” – Tomek


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