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Meet Eurojob’s employers – Syngenta

Not all contracts with employers with whom we work, allow us to disclose company data. This is caused by various reasons, often due to the internal policy of the company, which does not want to disclose its personnel solutions publicly. However, each of our employers is reliable and honest – we guarantee safety and certainty of fulfilling the contract. With us you can feel safe going to work in the Netherlands! Today’s company we want to present to you is Syngenta, which is an extremely interesting brand. It is really worth getting to know this employer and working with them. It not only provides a great working atmosphere, but as a company, it brings a lot of good to the world.

About the company

Syngenta is a global brand present in 90 countries and employing nearly 30,000 people around the world. Its head office is in Switzerland. The brand invests in plant and seed protection products, so that the work of farmers around the world brings the most benefits, while being safe for the environment and human health. The company has a real impact on the work of agricultural producers – it helps them to cope with the challenges of the modern world and the dynamic changes that it undergoes. Today, the effects of climate change, soil degradation, loss of biodiversity – this is a real agricultural problem. In addition, consumers’ expectations regarding the quality of food and agricultural technologies are growing. Every year there are more challenges for agricultural producers…

Syngenta’s mission

The brand wants to provide a sufficient amount of food in the world while respecting the environment. Thanks to innovative solutions, the company can successfully implement their ambitious plans. They actively cooperate with scientific institutions, representatives of the food chain, non-governmental organizations and farmers. Syngenta also creates global programs, thanks to which they have a real impact on the popularization of the idea of sustainable development, cherished by the brand.

For the good of our planet

Here are the programs implemented by the company:

– The Good Growth Plan – the first edition of the program (2013) lasted 6 years. 14 million hectares of degraded farmland were restored to use, 8 million hectares of biodiversity has been increased, and 42 million agricultural workers were trained in the safe use of plant protection products. In June 2020, the second edition of the program was launched, focused on combating climate change and the loss of biodiversity.

– Operation Pollinator – action for pollinating insects. As part of this action, the company provides farmers with mixtures of field flower seeds and honey plants, so they can plant it at the edges of their fields (which serve no particular use). Meadows help rebuild the population of pollinating insects, and it contributes to the improvement of quality and efficiency of the crop yield thanks to more effective pollination.

– Responsible Agriculture – is an educational program for farmers in the field of rational and safe use of plant protection products.

Areas of activity

Syngenta is a leader in the production of plant protection products, which preserve crops and increase the ability of plants to self-defense. The company’s solutions are based on modern chemistry or on naturally occurring substances and processes. It can be said that the brand combines tradition with new technology in the best possible way. The brand also produces seeds. It independently develops new varieties, including hybrid varieties (which can be grown even in difficult conditions and enable food production using less land, water and production resources).

Working at Syngenta

It’s a really good job in the Netherlands. First of all, it is a warehouse job – it is warm in winter and the temperature in summer is just right. For you, this means that you don’t get cold or burn under the sun. When you start working for this company, you have real opportunities to be promoted in its structures. If you are looking for employment for a longer period of time – this is the right direction. We offer you an attractive hourly rate, an allowance for work on weekends, accommodation close to the workplace and access to it by a company car. You can find more about the duties as well as detailed employment conditions here. The company is based in the charming town of De Lier.


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