3 min10 May 2021

Temporary work in the Netherlands – perfect for a student

While studying, especially full-time, it is difficult to find a permanent job, and there are not many options for weekend jobs either (especially due to the pandemic). Probably you are a bit worried about your lack of professional experience, maybe you have a wallet that is too empty for your needs… It would be nice to use the summer break to gain professional experience and repair your funds. You can combine work with pleasure and go abroad, get to know a new country, people, and experience different culture. Going to work can be an adventure as well as a valuable learning experience! Are you interested in going to the Netherlands? Below we will tell you how to organize it.

Choose a trusted agency

How to choose a temporary employment agency and be sure that you can trust it? It is good to collect data from several sources: from the website of a given agency (how long it exists, how many people have it hired, are there employees’ reviews), check its profile on social media, maybe you can read something in the comments and opinions that will draw your attention. Make sure on what conditions the agency operates, whether their activity is registered, if they offer a Dutch agreement and whether it is affiliated to the ABU (more about ABU and other important acronyms can be found here). Talk to your friends, maybe someone of them has already used the services of this agency and will be able to recommend it (or advise against it).

Check job offers

Temporary work is very diverse. You can work collecting fruits and vegetables, but you can also find employment in a warehouse with clothing, electronics or medical equipment. Consider what kind of work you are interested in, are you able to work hard physically (like harvesting) or does your health or shape require light physical work? Familiarize yourself with offers available on the market. If you are under the age of 21, offers with the note “no youth wage” will be especially attractive. Why?

Invite your friends

It will be easier for you to go with someone you know, especially if it’s your first time abroad for work. It can be your mom, friend, brother, cousin or even a group of friends. Let them know that you are thinking of taking up a seasonal job with the agency of your choice and in what position. There is a possibility that there will be someone who has the same need as you and will be happy to go with you. Good agencies offer accommodation to their employees. Usually they offer double rooms, so it is definitely nicer to share the space with a friend.

Pack a good mood

Attitude is crucial. It is much easier to overcome adversities with a good attitude. Therefore, apart from the necessary things and clothes, we recommend you to bring a good mood, curiosity and a willingness to experience new things. If you have chosen a trusted agency (like Eurojob), you can relax, because your safety is guaranteed as well as timely payments and the help of coordinators on the spot

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