3 min1 February 2021

Get caught up in good stories!

How’s your location? Are you getting along with your new roommate? So how about you watch a TV series together? (or alone, we don’t insist) Today we recommend you to turn on Netflix  and relax. We know it’s not the most productive thing to do and can be really addictive. But sometimes we need some guilty pleasure, right?

What should you watch?

Not so long ago we couldn’t imagine that it’s possible to have so many movies and TV series just in one place. We thought that TV on demand or ability to record something on TV was the ultimate innovation! But now we sometimes spend 40 minutes just looking for something to watch on Netflix. There are too many options to choose from so we may think “there is nothing to watch”, right? For sure you know how it feels!

Staying on quarantine is a perfect excuse to stay up all night and watch a good show. That’s why we chose 5 most popular TV series Netflix. Warning! Those shows are highly addictive so you can feel like watching them at once!

Money Heist

This TV series has 4 parts at the moment and it received an Emmy Award for its sophisticated plot. The show tells a story of the biggest heist in the history of the Royal Mint of Spain by eight masked criminals. Their leader is a mysterious criminal mastermind who goes by „The Professor”. Episode by episode the plot thickens and you get more and more invested!


It’s one of the newest Netflix productions. Do you want to get to know a world-famous thief who is not only likable but also steals in a shameless and…incredibly delightful way? However this is not a story about his thefts, but about the attempt to make amends for the harm done to a loved one.

Thirteen Reasons Why

Show is about a teenager who comitts a suicide. Before she ends her life, she records audio cassettes, where she explains reasons that drove her to the edge. This show really makes you reflect and the plot is very engaging. Be careful, though, it can be too heavy for some people.


In this series characters are again teenagers: a boy who is prone to psychopathic behaviors and a rebellious girl. It’s a comedy-drama. The story is as engaging for teenagers as for adults.

The Witcher

The witcher Geralt is a monster hunter looking for his place in the world. Yet among all the monsters he encounters on his way, very often the most terrible are… humans. Astonishing screen adaptation of Polish book series by Andrzej Sapkowski. The plot really keeps you at the edge of your seat.

Show must go on!

We’ve chosen shows that are good but maybe not very well known by everyone. We hope that you will find something interesting for you among these. Enjoy watching! Don’t regret spending too much time watching TV series on quarantine – there would be no better time for that!


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