2 min31 August 2021

What are you afraid of?

Ms. K. is afraid that she will be deceived. Online forums do not help her trust recruitment agencies. Each of them is criticized. Most people are disappointed with the rates, dislike the housing conditions, or criticize the organizational chaos. Some accuse the agencies of fraud. Others suggest that “these agencies are dumb” and there is no point in working with them. We understand that you can have bad luck, but… certified employment agencies in the Netherlands have strict standards regarding the employment, accommodation and remuneration of employees. As a result, some of the allegations on the forums simply sound untrue. So the question is: “Does Mrs. K. have anything to fear?”

Agencies are fraud

Employment agencies earn money by employing people they delegate to work for their clients. Certified agencies must employ based on the Dutch employment regulations for temporary workers. This means that the working conditions are determined by the Dutch employment contract. In most cases, as at Eurojob, you know the rate on the day you apply for a job. In some offers you can also count on a guaranteed number of hours, which gives you confidence in terms of earnings. So if you go with a legally operating employment agency, even if the company wants to, there is no way to trick you.

Accommodation is a nightmare

Are double rooms a nightmare? Probably not, although there may be a “human factor” involved, which you have little influence on if you go to work alone. However, in the Netherlands there is a housing certification for temporary workers. They must meet certain standards in order to be allowed to be used. The certificate is verified every year so that it can be renewed. However, in everyday life, it is not the agency that is responsible for keeping the house in order, but its residents. If you do not like the apartment, you can always opt out of agency accommodation and find an apartment on your own.

Nobody knows anything

We do not know how it is in other agencies, but our coordinators are masters at their craft. Besides being nice, they are also competent. They know the language and the realities of life in the Netherlands, so they can help even in the most difficult situations. As a rule, they are well-informed, although – we take a step back – sometimes they are overwhelmed. But is it wrong? You know, all of us, whether warehouse workers or coordinators, are just human beings. We forget, we are wrong and we have bad days.


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