2 min29 October 2020

What will going abroad with an agency give you?

Going to work in the Netherlands is a tempting option, mainly because of the earnings. Temporary work gives you the opportunity to earn extra money to meet current expenses, save for some important life goal, or simply find a well-paid job for a holiday break from school. At the same time, a trip to another country broadens the horizons: a clash with another culture is interesting, it shows how differently people can approach life. For some, it is so valuable that they decide to permanently move to the Netherlands. If you are still hesitating whether it is worth going, read this article till the end. We have an analysis of the advantages of that decision for you!

We take care of your safety

Have you heard these stories about people packing backpacks and going into the unknown, often without knowing a foreign language? We know them from our own experience. Many people like that have experienced sleep in the open-air, fraud by dishonest employers, and a painful clash with reality which can be cruel. After these difficult experiences, they came to us to find a good job.

Going out on your own can be quite an adventure, but are you really going for an adventure?
Aren’t you trying to find a well-paid and fun job?

Well, we think it’s more about the second option.

It is a smart choice to trust an employment agency that verifies employers, gives you a guarantee of safe departure and timely paid money.

In addition, when going abroad with a temporary employment agency, you have:

– employment contract and insurance,

– accommodation that meets Dutch standards and commuting to work provided,

– salary paid by Dutch standards,

What’s more…

– support of coordinators who are there to help you. This is important, especially if you are not fluent in Dutch and when English is not your strongest asset. Thanks to the cooperation with the agency, you can feel confident and safe, despite the language barrier.

The sense of security and professional stability will allow you to fully enjoy the attractions that the Netherlands has to offer. It is a beautiful country, where both nature lovers and people who prefer urban adventures will find themselves.

Simple! And very fair!

We hope that our article will help you decide to work abroad. If you feel that you want to go abroad with Eurojob and find a good job in the Netherlands, we encourage you to look at our current job offers.

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