3 min4 March 2021

Woman – dare

Women probably have more worries about their own safety. A foreign country, strangers, concerns about the integrity of the employer – these fears severely limit the decision-making about going abroad to work. Many women decide to go with their partner, but at a time when there are more and more singles, not every woman can plan a trip with a loved one. Additionally we are having a pandemic, which certainly does not make our lives easier and increases stress. Meanwhile, at Eurojob, we have interesting job offers in companies where women really can feel at home. And we ensure safety for every person. We want you, ladies, to be a little emboldened – so we encourage you to read on!

Employmentagency = safety

Probably every woman is concerned about her own safety. An unknown country, often lack of knowledge of the language, the need to live with strangers and work in conditions that you do not know at all… It throws you out of your comfort zone and can fill you with fear. However, when deciding to go with a Temporary Employment Agency, especially with Eurojob operating for so long (over 20 years!), you can be sure that you will be safe and looked after. Right after you arrive, you can count on the help of our coordinators, who will not only introduce you to the reality of work, but also to the reality of life in the country. They will help you deal with various matters, including legal ones.

Excellent accommodation

As a temporary employment agency, we provide you with accommodation, so you don’t have to worry about it. It always meets strict Dutch standards. It’s usually a double room in a nice house or apartment, close to work. The legal regulations clearly regulate what housing conditions should be provided for temporary workers – and they are simply good. It is known that there is no place like home… but you will for sure like the place where you live.

Honesty guaranteed

As a temporary employment agency, we also guarantee you punctuality and certainty of payment. You don’t have to worry about a dishonest employer. We have known all the companies we work with for years. We know what working conditions they offer and we know their approach to the employee. Just like us, they respect people and are honest in what they do. If you fulfill your duties, you do not have any problems with the employer. Additionally, many companies offer the option of switching to a permanent contract, which is important if you like the Netherlands enough that you would like to stay there for longer.

Go with another woman

It is known that we feel more confident in the company of someone we know. If you don’t want to travel alone, try finding a travel companion. Maybe your sister who also needs some extra money? Talk to friends and good colleagues, ask among family members – it is possible that another woman is also looking for someone with whom she will be more comfortable. Or maybe… your mom or aunt? For us, age is not an obstacle, it is important that the person who leaves is physically fit, healthy and hardworking. Whoever you decide to go with, you can both have fun and work. The Netherlands offers many beautiful places to hang out.

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