2 min24 May 2021

Working in the warehouse – yes or no?

Warehouse job in the Netherlands, which is offered by Eurojob, is very attractive: they are well-paid jobs in extremely modern warehouses, with employers who set trends on the market. These employers place great emphasis on work safety. Their best interest is your health, not your injury. In addition, employees are protected by demanding Dutch law. Today you don’t have to carry a lot of weight, because you have modern equipment to help. Apart from the fact that you earn well in these positions, you also learn about the functioning of huge logistics centers, which is a very interesting process. It is worth undertaking such work – temporarily or permanently. All in all it is really valuable work experience.

Who is the warehouse job for?

It is certainly a job for healthy people. Despite the help of specialized equipment, people with back or knee problems should not work in the warehouse. It is often a job that requires a lot of movement, it can also be standing or sitting – a healthy back can handle it without any problems, but the spine after injuries is unlikely to take it well. In addition to health, you also need to be a diligent person – there are many tasks to be done which often require concentration and care. One mistake can cause a lot of confusion, and in the worst case scenario – generate large costs for the company.

What warehouses do you offer work in?

In different ones. They all have in common the fact that they are very modern logistics centers. Each warehouse covers a different area. There is a warehouse with branded clothes, there is a distribution center for American electronic equipment, there is a warehouse with refining elements or with medical accessories. In any case, the job requires knowledge of the English at a communicative level. Why? Working in these warehouses requires the use of special, English-language scanners. The employer must be sure that the employee understands their messages.

What is an exemplary scope of duties?

It is not exactly the same in every warehouse, but they can be very similar to each other. Here is an example of the scope of duties:

– Collecting orders;
– Packing and marking packages;
– Preparing merchandise for shipment;
– Loading goods with a handheld scanner;
– EPT service

That’s it!

You can see that it doesn’t sound very complicated. You can learn to work in a warehouse, you just need to want it and be diligent in the introductory days.

A good job in the Netherlands is waiting for you! You can find all job offers at Eurojob here: Eurojob Vacancies

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